Show 290- Months, Years, Hot New Music

5 Years, 4 Months, 3 Days- Brian Setzer- “68 Comeback Special Ignition!”
Five Months, Two Weeks, Two Days- Debby Moore- “My Kind Of Blues”
Six Months, No Sun- Kieran Kane- “Six Months, No Sun”
Eleven Months- Lynne Hanson- “Eleven Months”
One Year, Three Months, A Week To The Day- Jesse Dayton- “Tall Texas Tales”
11 Months and 29 Days- Dave Alvin- “Touch My Heart: A Tribute to Johnny Paycheck”
After All The Months We’ve Shared- Zachary Lucky- “The Ballad Of Losing You”
Hot New Music:
Feelin’ Good- Shakedown Tim and the Rhythm Revue- “Hard To Catch”
Small Believer- Anna Tivel- “Small Believer”
Big Mama’s Door- Aranaud Fradin & His Roots Combo- “Steady Rollin’ Man”
Better Than Myself- Alex Williams- “Better Than Myself”
Deeper Well- Beau + Luci- “Fire Dancer”
Paid My Dues- Ben Bostick- “Ben Bostick”
Bye Bye Baby- Bia Marchese- “Let Me In”
How Many More Years- B.B. King- “One Kind Favor”
Sixty Years Of Sand- Corrina Carter- “Lady In The Moon”
99 Years- Woody Pines- “Counting Alligators”
Still Crazy After All These Years- Paul Simon- “Still Crazy After All These Years”
Wasted Years- Gerry Lane- “Meloneras Blues”
Three Long Years- Elkie Brooks and Humphey Lyttlelton- “Trouble In Mind”
One Hundred From Now- Gram Parsons- “Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels:¬†Anthology”