Show 289- Checking, Credit Cards, Hot New Music

Show 289- “Checking, Credit Cards, Hot New Music.”
Checking Up On My Baby- The Red, White & Blues Band- “All American”
Just Checkin’- The Beautiful South- “Painting It Red”
The Self Checkout Blues- Will Varley- “As The Crow Flies”
Check Your Sources- Keri Leigh- “Arrival”
Chekers and Chess- Billy Joe Shaver- “Long In The Tooth”
I’m Checkin’ Out, Goom’Bye- Catherine Russell- “Strictly Romancin'”
Check It Out- Axel Zwingenberger- “Axel Zwingenberger and the Friends of Boogie Woogie Vol. 9: Red Hot Boogie Woogie Party”
Hot New Music:
Cajun Girl- Catfish Howl- “10 Bourbon Street”
Wild Horses- Amilia K Spicer- “Wow and Flutter”
Greyhound Blues- Black Cherry Perry’s Mississippi Medicine Show- “Where There’s Smoke”
Alcoholic Stepmom- White Owl Red- “Naked and Falling”
Our Friends Are Out Tonight- By and By- “Songs For This Old Heart”
Shackle and Chain- Bette Smith- “Jetlagger”
Millionaire- Chris Stapleton- “From A Room, Volume 2”
Credit Cards:
Hello, Credit Card- Eugene Mermin- “The Absurd Nightclub Comedy of…”
Credit Card Blues- Terry Evans- “Anthology”
Put It On The Card- The Statler Brothers- “All American Country”
Credit Card Shuffle- JoAnne Redding- “How It Is”
Credit Card Shuffle- Voodoo DeVille- “Motorvator”
The Credit Card Song- Dick Feller- “Centaur of Attention”
Credit Card- Harmonica Hinds- “Anything If I Could”
Your Credit Card Won’t Get You Into Heaven- Bobby Bare- “Drunk & Crazy…Plus”