Show #274- Numbered Highways

“Numbered Highways”

Highway 49- Harmonica Slim- “Give Me My Shotgun”
Highway 71- 3 Penny Acre- “Highway 71”
Highway 40 Blues- Ricky Skaggs- “Highways and Heartaches”
Highway 1- The Mastersons- “Transient Lullaby”
61 Highway Blues- Delta Flyers- “Sixteen Bars”
Highway 99- Danny Darst- “Danny Darst (Songs from Exit 10 the Play)

Highway 9- Barnaby Bright- “The Longest Day”
Highway 51- Tim Too Slim Langford- “Pint Store Blues”
Highway 87- Hayes Carll- “Flowers & Liquor”

Highway 17- Rodney Crowell- “The Houston Kid”
Highway 49- George Thorogood and the Destroyers- “Born To Be Bad”
Highway 99- Eva De Roovere- “Chanticleer”

Highway 2- Drew Nelson- “Dusty Road To Beulah Land”
Highway 51 Blues- Memphis Slim- “Boogie After Midnight”
Highway 80 (She’s A Mighty Good Road)- Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer- “Drum Hat Buddah”  

Highway 59- Libbi Bosworth- “Libbiville”
Highway 95- David Francey- “The Waking Hour”
Highway 17 Blues- Shrimp City Slim & Green Grass- “Tranatlantic Blues Project”

Highway 61 Revisited- Bob Dylan- “Highway 61 Revisited”